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how many books are in the hunger games book series

the ballad hunger games

movie review: ‘the hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes’ is a commendable encore.
have you read/watched the hunger games? if so, how did that affect your reading of this book? which character did you relate to most and why? what similarities/influences do you see between lucy gray and katniss everdeen? how are these qualities different from snow? how is snow different from the beginning of the book to the end? what do you think ultimately happens to lucy gray?
the title isn’t the only thing awkward about ballad . coriolanus himself, the plot, the pacing, the lack of narrative drive and even some of the writing itself is awkward, stilted and just baffling at times. this is besides the fact that we are faced with an unlikable protagonist—an antihero, if you will. this will throw off a great many fans, but appeal to just as many others (and there are a lot of fans waiting for this book) interested to see how the great villain became who they know him to be. sadly, the book doesn’t quite deliver even with its 500+ pages, leaving us with a strange final act that seems almost tacked on to either leave much to the reader’s imagination or leave room for a potential sequel.
coriolanus snow was poor in the ‘hunger games’ prequel ‘the ballad of songbirds and snakes’
he thought of people putting a price on her. with her long, pointed nose and skinny body, tigris was no great beauty, but she had a sweetness, a vulnerability that invited abuse. she would find takers, if she had a mind to. the idea made him feel sick and helpless and, consequently, disgusted with himself.
the story is set decades before the saga of jennifer lawrence’s katniss everdeen, focusing instead on the early days of a young coriolanus snow (tom blyth), before he became president of panem. it specifically centres around his involvement in the tenth annual hunger games, exploring how a poor kid could rise to become a tyrannical leader.
do we want an appealing singer-songwriter to get tangled up with the man who will be coriolanus snow?
in the third part of the film, coryo is sent as a soldier to district 12, where he needs to make difficult choices that will determine his future. in doing so, he shows us the man he will become.
check out the “the hunger games: the ballad of songbirds & snakes” trailer below:
the entire thing feels like something i could have made in my computer’s native paint program. and that’s, um, not a good thing.
zegler, on the other hand, doesn’t quite contain the ebullient spirit of lucy gray that lived on the page in collins’ novel. her southern accent is an odd choice, too, but it’s clear that she was primarily cast for her singing voice—a highlight of the movie. the music, produced by dave cobb, aptly punctuates the action and as lucy gray, zegler performs several original songs, including a new take on hunger games fan favorite “the hanging tree,” previously sung by jennifer lawrence as katniss. zegler is a great performer, especially when she joins the covey onstage in district 12 to showcase bluesy folk songs.
the movie does not really play on this idea as much as i thought it should. without hearing snow’s inner thoughts, like what is shown in the book, the audience has a harder time seeing that snow is already morally gray from the very beginning. i believe he seemed kind and compassionate in the first half of the movie, whereas in the book, he still holds subtle ideas and beliefs that tip the reader off about how he is biased and bigoted towards the districts.
francis lawrence discusses the nuanced romance of snow and lucy gray. the prequel explores the origins of the hunger games, 64 years prior. tom blyth and rachel zegler star as young snow and lucy gray baird. snow's journey from mentor to potentially tyrannical leader is addressed.
as far performances go, songbirds and snakes has a strong main cast that helps elevate the material and convey the complex inner lives of our characters even when it’s not necessarily found on the page. in addition to an impeccable american accent and a really good blond wig, relatively unknown english actor tom blyth manages to step into the shoes previously worn by the prolific donald sutherland with ease, although he doesn’t quite have sutherland’s flair for the dramatic. but he’s just as charismatic to watch, and although he makes the character his own, it is not hard to believe that he is the younger version of a character we already know. he has a similar face and a similar voice, but there’s a hint of humanity in him that he has all but abandoned when we see him in the hunger games . in songbirds and snakes , there’s a vulnerability to him, but there’s also a darkness lurking just below the surface and blyth balances that very well. rachel zegler is perfectly cast as lucy gray, brimming with charm and confidence. it should be no surprise that zegler has a fantastic voice, thanks to her screen debut as maria in steven spielberg’s west side story . josh andres rivera is an absolute scene stealer as sejanus plinth, classmate of coriolanus whose sympathy for the rebel cause becomes his ultimate downfall, and hunter schafer, who burst onto the scene as jules on the hbo series “euphoria” , is enchanting as snow’s cousin tigris, although her talent does feel wasted on such a small part. jason schwartzman ( asteroid city ) is absolutely hilarious as lucretius “lucky” flickerman, first television host of the games and presumed relative of caesar flickerman, who was played by stanley tucci in the original. his one liners in the midst of children killing each other highlights just how crass and and out of touch the people in the capitol are. his performance never feels forced or over the top, as tucci’s sometimes did.
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“hereby it is manifest, that during the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called warre; and such a warre, as is of every man, against every man.”
a new movie trailer has been recently dropped, igniting our anticipation for the movie even more. but the trailer also surprised us in a slightly different manner.
removing the limited third-person perspective.
having been in his friends’ apartments, coriolanus knew that most families had begun to repair their homes, but the snows could not even afford a few yards of linen for a new shirt. he thought of his classmates, riffling through their closets or slipping into their newly tailored suits, and wondered just how long he could keep up appearances.
before she became an author, collins was still a writer. she began working for nickelodeon in 1991 on shows like clarissa explains it all. she also wrote for the children’s show little bear.

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