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With the help of dashboards, top managers can see the current status of projects and assignments in relation to the project work schedule. Based on these data, it became possible to quickly make management decisions . The implementation of the financial module allows the customer to see and control the expenditure of budgets , see the movement of funds and minimize the risk of cash gaps . The resource outline ensures the competent distribution of participants between projects, excluding downtime and overload. Prospects for the development of the system In the near future, the customer plans to develop a financial circuit and integrate it with 1C. The IT solution will scale to other types of projects and non-project activities of the company. Customer team after ADVANTA implementation “In the course of the project, having studied the capabilities of the ADVANTA system in more detail , we managed to create a solution for the system management of investment projects, work schedules and a mechanism for monitoring construction meetings.

The implemented tools will also allow us to B2C Database control the execution of non-project orders. All the main goals of the implementation have been fully achieved,” this is how the head of the customer’s team commented on his vision of the results from the implementation of ADVANTA. Solution for the ADVANTA team Our experience and proven expertise in the field of development project management automation allows us to maintain long-term cooperation with many construction companies, developers and government agencies responsible for the implementation of capital construction projects and social facilities. The clients of our company as the most valuable advantages have repeatedly emphasized the flexible settings of the ADVANTA system, as well as the availability of tools that can significantly simplify the work of project participants and increase the efficiency of managerial decision-making.


The aerospace industry surpasses many other industrial sectors in terms of development rates and is of great general economic and scientific importance for Russia. Modern aerospace enterprises introduce and use the latest scientific and technological achievements, constantly modernize production. Looking for a change management tool? Test our solution One of the constant challenges for such enterprises is to reduce costs and automate work processes. Business seeks to increase productivity with limited resources. How ADVANTA can be helpful? Let's share this case. The client, which will be discussed, operates in several areas: carrying out research and development work; development and production of devices; development, implementation and operation of communication systems and means; air navigation and meteorological support of flights.
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