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In this case, it is easy to calculate the current losses of the company and justify the costs of maintaining the project office. Set measurable results in which the owner or general director will be interested, and in principle there will be no question of the relevance of the project office. It is important to maintain order in project management in the way that top management needs, analyze their request and offer effective solutions , without looking too far ahead, but not stopping at one place. Project management information systems come to the rescue , which allow all participants to be in a single information space and timely inform interested parties about the current state of affairs.

For example, ADVANTA B2C Database combines not only classical tools for managing project schedules , but is also a convenient information portal where everyone can study the status of a project, start the approval process, etc. Mistake 2. The project office does not correspond to the general level of development of the organization Another significant factor that will sooner or later "sink" the project office is an attempt to immediately introduce all the best, the latest developments in project management and increase the level of maturity of the company's project management at a Stakhanovite pace. While the rest of the functional units of the organization are busy with their work routine and they do not have time to develop and implement their development strategy. It has become so easy for project offices to outgrow their own company that it has become a trend.


The employees of the division have a rhetorical question: “What else can we give to our company if no one wants to develop as fast as we do”? Because of this difference, conflict grows, cross-functional ties are torn, it is no longer possible to agree on the implementation of simple tasks, and outright sabotage often occurs. The key divisions that bring profit to the company win - sales, production, marketing, and the project office "leaves the game." How to solve: sync project office goals with company goals If the conflict has not gone too far, it is necessary, together with top management, to develop a company development plan and begin its implementation. In this case , the project office may well develop into a transformation office and become the driver that will help you adapt to a rapidly changing environment, organize work in the information space, and design an IT infrastructure.
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